Achieving Big, Tantalizing Eyes: Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Achieving Big, Tantalizing Eyes: Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Singapore is known to cater all types of plastic surgery and is home to some of the best plastic surgeons in Asia and in the world. With all the plastic surgery procedures available, double eyelid surgery or clinical term blepharoplasty is by far the most common type of procedure done. This can be traced to the fact that Asian eye features lack the crease that gives a double eyelid look.

Many Asian women and men desire to have double eyelids because it gives additional accent to the eyes and have a more tantalizing effect when putting eye make up. The double eyelid feature accentuates the eyes making it more attractive and provocative. It is, however, interesting to note that men have fewer desire for double eyelids as compared to women. This is because Asian men are notably more attractive when they have single eyelids.

With the increasing trend of double eyelids, you may be enticed to try out this new facial feature but it’s good to learn the facts first. This article will let you know what you need to know about double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

Non-surgical Double Eyelid Procedures

If you are the type to try out a feature first before deciding for a permanent change, then you will want to look at the temporary results for double eyelids. There are two types of non-surgical procedures that can give temporary double eyelids:

(1) Plexr machine. This type of machine uses plasma to create double eyelids effect. However, this procedure is limited to those who have mild upper eyelids, because it tightens that upper eyelid to create a double eyelid effect. Single eyelids with may run risks of pigmentation or burns when the plasma is used.

(2) Double eyelid tape. As the name itself suggests, double eyelid tape applies glue to tape that acts as temporary attachment of the eyelids. This is applied to the muscles inside the eyelid. The downside of this option is the inconsistency of the result for both eyes, which can lead to more correctional procedures that need to be done.

Surgical Double Eyelid Procedure

The more permanent option for getting double eyelids is the surgical procedure. There are also two types of procedure for this:

(1) Stitching. The stitching method does not need incisions on the skin, but as in the name itself, involves stitching the eyelids to form the creases. The stitches are done from the eyelid skin to the deep underlying tissue. This procedure is scarless and have only a little downtime.

(2) Cutting. The cutting method is done by making an incision on the eyelid skin to the deep tissues and creates the double eyelid effect. Downtime for this procedure can be as long as 3 weeks which involves swelling or bruising. On the other hand, once you have fully recovered, there will be no signs of the surgery and no scars.

Aside from having double eyelids, surgical procedures will also achieve other results such as changing the eye shape, making the eyes look larger and removing excess fat and extra skin on the eyelids.

During the Surgery

After your first consultation with your chosen plastic surgeon, the doctor should be able to note the procedure that is suitable for your needs. The doctor will mark the parts of your eyelids that will require stitching or cutting to achieve your desired result.

Because the procedure involves the eyes, your doctor will apply sedation and anesthesia so you can be asleep during the procedure. Both stitching and cutting procedures may take at least 20 minutes per eye, or as much as one hour for the entire procedure.

The sedation and anesthetic medications will make you feel relaxed and not feel any pain during the procedure.

What are the risks?

Like any other type of surgery, blepharoplasty also involves risks to the patient. This is why it is important to research well, choose the best doctor for you, and follow your doctor’s instructions before and after the procedure. Some of the risk factors for botched double eyelid surgery include:

  • Poor application of procedures which can be traced to an inexperienced doctor.
  • For the cutting method, if the tissue does not follow the form of the crease created, this can result to uneven double eyelids.
  • The method you chose, whether it is stitching or cutting, is not suitable for you. Your healing and recovery capabilities plays a big role in this.
How much does double eyelid surgery cost in Singapore?

Doctors and clinics may vary in prices due to factors such as experience, quality of service, packages, etc. However, the prices follow a price range that is acceptable in the market. From consultation, surgery to recovery, you will need to prepare around $3500 to $4500 for stitching and around $5000 to $6000 for cutting.

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