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Nutrition for Glowing Skin

Ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” It is very apt when it comes to our skin health. What we put into our bodies can either leave us with healthy, glowing skin or an aged, acne marred complexion. Keeping in mind that the effect of one’s diet is subjective to each individual, some diets can make or break…

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Dr Samuel Ho Review (Mori’s Breast Augmentation @ Allure Plastic Surgery)

Previously seen as something more of a taboo, plastic surgery in Singapore seems to be gaining acceptance in society. With a growing community of people actively engaged in seeking out different ways to enhance parts of their body coupled with great advances in this multibillion-dollar industry of medical aesthetics, Singapore plastic surgery consumers are now spoilt for choice in the…

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Achieving Big, Tantalizing Eyes: Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

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Most Popular Dark Eye Circles Treatment

There’s a new facial treatment being used by all the most famous celebs and socialites – The Neogen Plasma at Cambridge Therapeutics! It boasts an impressive array of effects such as pore tightening, acne scar and pigmentation removal, lightens dark eye circles and more. Known as NeoGen Plasma offered by Cambridge Therapeutics, I have a few video reviews for this new and spiffy dermal do-it-all to show you what it can do for you.
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