Cambridge Therapeutics Slimming Treatment Review (RF SLIMMING SINGAPORE)

Cambridge Therapeutics Slimming Treatment Review (RF SLIMMING SINGAPORE)

If there’s one thing all of us have in common, it’s that we all have one part of our body we wish we could change. For some people, it’s about gaining weight and muscle mass to get a better-looking body. For others, they wish they had straighter teeth. Or a higher nose bridge, bigger eyes, longer legs, fairer skin or smoother skin, et cetera. And the list goes on. For us living the good life in Singapore, many of us have fallen to the trappings of sedentary living and a glorious makan culture and put on pudge in places unwanted, and in amounts less than we would like to admit to.

It was around the time when I was grudgingly mowing my way through a healthily expensive bowl of rocket salad with whatever-taste-I-could-get-into-salad-without-triggering-my-internal-guilt-alarms, that I finally asked myself, “Isn’t there a better way?”


Like any industrious first-world citizen, Google would answer all my questions. That’s when I discovered a non-surgical, region targeted fat loss procedure that PERMANENTLY MURDERS fat cells called Vanquish ME. Needless to say, I’m going to share what I learned right here.



Cambridge Therapeutics’ Vanquish Me is the world’s first contactless, non-invasive fat removal treatment device.

It uses Selective Radio Frequency (RF) energy to achieve the circumferential reduction, fat reduction, and body contouring.This treatment is safe and effective for all healthy patients and skin types as it does not involve surgery or anaesthetic. It is especially recommended for those who have tried exercise and dieting but are still unable to target stubborn fat deposits on the body.



The Vanquish ME treatment uses a large panel that emits selective radio frequency (RF) energy. The radio wave produced during the radio frequency (RF) treatments encourages the breakup and disposal of adipose tissues under the skin, which in turn results in to permanently reduce fat deposits on the body.

The RF treatment targeting the fatty deposits under the skin and heats it to 45 degrees thereby breaking down and killing the fat cells in the area, while skin tissue and surrounding tissues are unaffected. These broken down fat cells are then removed by the body in time. This process results in the permanent circumferential fat loss on the body parts targeted.

Heating during this treatment not only stimulates not only blood circulation but the tissues in the treatment area and signal the body to hasten the production of NEW collagen! This results in skin tightening and a skin rejuvenation effect due to the increased production of new collagen and elastin fibres. Apart from skin tightening, this RF slimming and body contouring treatment is effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. So for those of you that have problems getting rid of stubborn cellulite or saggy skin, do give your doctor a call.

Because of the precise control the machine has, you can rest assured that it doesn’t burn your skin or other parts of your body during the heating.

This medical-grade USA FDA approved device is safe and known to bring highly effective results. It is the TOP choice of plastic surgeons for non-invasive fat removal.



– Stubborn fat areas

– Visible inch-loss at the tummy, thighs and arms



Treatment is painless. The sensation during treatment can be described as ‘mild heat’. Each session is 45 minutes long. Perhaps the only pain you may feel is that you may not use your phone during treatment as there is a risk that it may interfere with and damage the machine.

For those interested in this particular form of treatment, here’s a transcript of a video I found on Youtube. It features Ms Cheryl Moh and her experience with the Vanquish ME procedure by Cambridge Therapeutics.



Cheryl Vanquish Me Cambridge Therapeutics 1

Cheryl: Hi, my name is Cheryl and I’m in my late thirties. I’m a real estate agent, and I need to meet people every day. I do exercise, I go to the gym whenever I can. I’ve tried dieting, I’ve tried various slimming treatments, but the results were not satisfactory.

Cheryl Vanquish Me Cambridge Therapeutics 2

Cheryl: I’ve just been unable to get rid of my stubborn belly fat. My tummy really bothers me because it sticks out. It looks worse after a big meal, especially from the side angle. I feel very self-conscious about the flabbiness. I’m not confident to wear slim-fitting clothes. When I heard there was a non-invasive fat removal treatment, I was very interested to find out more.

Cheryl Vanquish Me Cambridge Therapeutics 3

Cheryl: My friend introduced me to Cambridge Therapeutics in Singapore. Cambridge is a medical aesthetics centre developed by doctors. The treatment is called Cambridge Vanquish ME. It is an FDA approved, medical-grade treatment. There’s no pain, no downtime.

Cheryl Vanquish Me Cambridge Therapeutics 4

Cheryl: In fact, the machine doesn’t even come into contact with my skin. It’s more effective than other machines because the Cambridge Vanquish ME therapy treats the whole tummy instead of other machines which target one small portion each time.

Cheryl Vanquish Me Cambridge Therapeutics 5

Cheryl: After 4 sessions, I saw a very big improvement. I’m very happy and encouraged by the improvements. I look MUCH better in my clothes, and I FEEL better than ever! Even my friends have noticed the positive changes in me.

Cheryl Vanquish Me Cambridge Therapeutics 6

Cheryl: I highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to safely get rid of stubborn belly fats, non-surgically and permanently.

And that’s it! For those of you interested in finding out even more, you may hop over to Cambridge Therapeutic’s site right here.