Most Popular Dark Eye Circles Treatment

Most Popular Dark Eye Circles Treatment

There’s a new facial treatment being used by all the most famous celebs and socialites – The Neogen Plasma at Cambridge Therapeutics! It boasts an impressive array of effects such as pore tightening, acne scar and pigmentation removal, lightens dark eye circles and more. Known as NeoGen Plasma offered by Cambridge Therapeutics, I have a few video reviews for this new and spiffy dermal do-it-all to show you what it can do for you.


What are Dark Eye Circles?

Dark eye circles describe the darker coloured skin around your eyes, particularly below the eyes. Having these dark circles, just like fine lines or wrinkles, will not lead to any medical complications, but are a cause for concern aesthetically to many people, particularly in females who value the fairness of their skin.

It is a common belief that dark eye circles are caused by a lack of sleep, but that’s not the only reason that can cause dark eye circles. The region around the eyes is particularly delicate, and the appearance of dark eye circles can point to changes in the body. Read on to find out more on causes of dark circles around the eyes.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

1. Ageing

One of the reasons for dark circles appearing is age. Your skin undergoes many changes as you grow older. Below listed are a few common changes you may observe:

  • Thinning of the skin
  • Collagen loss, leading to loss of elasticity
  • Decreased Fat Deposits under the skin
  • Increased chance for pigmentation

Skin around the eyes is known to be especially prone to changes as we age. This is because the skin around the eye area is especially thin. Part of the reason why dark circles appear in the region is due to the thin skin that allows the blood vessels carrying blood (dark red) to be more easily seen, which results in a darker colour of skin in areas where the skin is thin.

Your skin thins as you age too, combined with the gradual loss of collagen and fat under that already thin skin, leads to a ‘hollow’ or sunken effect and fine lines around the eye area. This can cause a person to look tired or fatigued, even if he/she isn’t actually feeling tired.

2. Exposure to the Sun

Skin, when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun will stimulate the production of a pigment in our skin known as “melanin”. This is the substance that causes our skin to darken due to exposure in the sunlight. Coincidentally, South-East Asians have been shown to be more likely to produce pigmentation in the eye area. Also, the skin around the eyes is one part that is also known to create more melanin than other parts of the body.

3. Fatigue

When you don’t sleep enough, the blood circulation and flow of oxygen to the skin is hampered or compromised. This leads to dull-looking skin. Around the eyes, this creates a ‘shadowed’ look that makes the dark eye circles more obvious.

4. Allergies

Allergies cause a substance known as histamines to be released in the body. Histamines cause blood vessels in the body to dilate and also widen the gaps between cell walls, allowing the body’s immune system to respond better. The side effects of this, however, may allow fluids to build up in the skin. This is what causes the ‘puffy’ look when you have an allergy. Along with this, the dilated blood vessels become more visible, showing through the skin around the eyes as dark circles.

5. Genetics

Genes play a part in the appearance of dark eye circles. Persons with dark or olive skin tones present a higher possibility for dark circles to form around the eyes, due to the fact that they naturally produce and have more melanin in their body.

Persons with thin skin are also more likely to produce dark eye circles since the thinner skin allows the underlying blood vessels to be seen more easily. At areas where the skin is especially thin (eye area), the blood vessels show through and results in the area looking darker.

What is Dark Eye Circle Treatment Like?

There is a myriad of treatments for the eye area in Singapore. It is important that we also differentiate eye bags and dark eye circles here.

Eye bags are caused by fat deposits or swelling due to fluids at the area. Dark eye circles however are due to pigmentation, the visibility of blood vessels and the shadow cast if the area is sunken.

Below, we list a couple of types of treatments commonly used for dark eye circle removal in Singapore.

Under Eye Filler Singapore

One popular, but mildly invasive way to help remove dark eye circles is by the injection of under eye fillers. Singapore’s aesthetic clinics frequently carry dermal fillers for aesthetic procedures, but please note that not every type of dermal fillers is suitable for use at the under eye use.

The treatment requires careful planning by the aesthetic doctor for effective in producing results for dark eye circle treatment, so be sure to be candid during your consultation to find out if this treatment is suitable for you and your eyes.

Neogen Plasma

NeoGen Plasma is a newer type of treatment that rejuvenates the skin using nitrogen plasma technology. This treatment introduces heating in a very controlled manner in the desired areas. This causes the skin at the treatment area into increased collagen production, which in turn rejuvenates the skin.

It has been known to be effective in removing unwanted pigmentation as well, such as sunspots or melasma. A big upside of this treatment is the low downtime.

Below, we have reviews from patients who have undergone NeoGen Plasma treatment. Read on for their experiences.


neogen Sophia Chong Cambridge Therapeutics 1

Sophia: Hi guys, so today I’ll be tryin the NeoGen Plasma treatment which apparently helps to treat acne problems & eczema and also dark eye circles. I have very sensitive skin so I can’t really do a lot of laser treatments. So this one would really help for my skin without causing like redness. So yup, can’t wait to see the results & get rid of this dark eye circle.
Sophia: Okay, so it’s really not painful at all. It just feels like warm air.

neogen Sophia Chong Cambridge Therapeutics 2

Sophia: Okay so I just finished and it really wasn’t painful at all. It was very easy and very fast. So I can’t wait to see results and go for my second round. Goodbye dark eye circles!




neogen Ase Wang Cambridge Therapeutics 4

Ase: Hi this is Ase Wang and I’m at Cambridge Therapeutics today trying out something new. I usually do the BB Laser but today I’m going to try the NeoGen Plasma. That uses the plasma technique and that is for people that have melasma, such as myself, and it also helps rejuvenate the skin.

neogen Ase Wang Cambridge Therapeutics 5

neogen Ase Wang Cambridge Therapeutics 6

neogen Ase Wang Cambridge Therapeutics 7

neogen Ase Wang Cambridge Therapeutics 8

Ase: Hi guys, so I’m finally done. No pain whatsoever. I liked the mask that I got to do. The machine does have noise, but it had zero pain and no downtime as you can see. So I don’t have to worry about this Friday night, I can go out after this! The only thing that I’m going to have to do when I’m done is put on some medication. This is basically for my melasma, it’s why I’m here today. I think most people, first thing they like to ask is if treatments are painful, and that determines whether or not I’m going to do it. But I’m going to tell you, it’s ZERO pain. So for those of you suffering from melasma like I do, I would definitely recommend this treatment here at Cambridge Therapeutics.


Sylvia Chan from NOC tries NeoGen Plasma @ Cambridge Therapeutics


neogen Sylvia Chan Cambridge Therapeutics 9

Sylvia: Hi guys, I’m Sylvia from NOC, and today I’m at Cambridge Therapeutics. The reason why I come here is because… I’m not blessed with good skin, and I need to put in a lot of effort. And at some point in time, it became very prone to breakouts, flare-ups, and then it became very sensitive as well. So I really needed to seek professional help.

neogen Sylvia Chan Cambridge Therapeutics 10

neogen Sylvia Chan Cambridge Therapeutics 11

Sylvia: So I will say it’s a very all-rounded approach and my skin is really cared for the entire time. Which is why I guess I saw great improvement in just less than a year. I’m not a stranger to laser treatment. Actually I’m very scared of them because I’m scared of sunlight and sun heat.

neogen Sylvia Chan Cambridge Therapeutics 12

But, I did NeoGen because it wasn’t laser, it was a plasma treatment. And that means your face is just enveloped in this very warm, comforting sensation and then it’s done. So I like how it improved my sin and I like how I feel, I’m not scared of it. So yeah, I think it’s pretty good.

neogen Sylvia Chan Cambridge Therapeutics 13

neogen Sylvia Chan Cambridge Therapeutics 14

neogen Sylvia Chan Cambridge Therapeutics 15

Sylvia: End of the day, I guess I really like this place, because the doctor will really listen to your skin problems. And every time I come here, he really educates me and teaches me and really spends time. So I feel that someone is really listening to my skin problems and really targeting the root of the problem rather than,
“Oh, you know what? You just come here, take your stuff and then you’re out.”

And that’s it! For those looking to find out more, here’s Cambridge Therapeutics.