Your Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation in Singapore

Your Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation in Singapore

Breast augmentation has become one of the most popular and sought after plastic surgery in the world today. Unsurprisingly, plastic surgery is becoming a norm and no longer a taboo subject which was once spoken in hushed tones.

Breast augmentation is popular because of the amazing result it does to the body. Changing the breast size and shape gives an overall pleasant view for the entire body and it also changes a woman’s or man’s self-confidence. True enough, there have been plenty of breast augmentation clinics and procedures that sprouted up over the years and promises to give their patients the satisfaction that they want on how their breasts should look.

Among all the plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation is the most researched and people are more knowledgeable about this, even in layman’s conversations. However, the downside to this wave of information is the fake ones that filter through the true ones. This can be a dangerous thing, especially when following fake information can lead to botched breast augmentation which can result to serious health problems.

This article will help you know the basic things that you need to know on breast augmentation procedures in Singapore.

What are the breast augmentation procedures offered in Singapore?

The type of breast augmentation procedure you will have will depend on your desired result. In Singapore, there are two types of surgeries done.

(1) Fat grafting. This procedure is done by transferring fat from your inner thigh or tummy areas. Note, however, that the fat register should pass the required quality to be transferred to your breasts. The amount of fat to be used depends on the increase in cup size you require. One cup size bigger can require as much as 200cc of fat. Fat from the arms and back are not suitable and is not used for fat grafting.

(2) Silicone breast implants. This is the more popular type of breast augmentation procedure and is more preferred by plastic surgeons and patients. Using silicone implants can have better shaping and size results to what the patient desires. Silicone implants can allow you to jump from cup A to cup C or D.

How about breast fillers?

You should take note that breast fillers are banned and illegal in Singapore. The Ministry of Health has banned the use of this breast augmentation option because it has been proven to cause serious health risks after 5 years. Risks of infections, formation of cysts, filler movements and chronic breast pain are among the reported risks.

If you have had breast filler injections in the past, be sure to seek help from a plastic surgeon for immediate removal. Surgery may be required to remove the  fillers and ensure that it is completely cleaned out from the breasts.

Will breast implants affect my breastfeeding and pregnancy?

No. You can breathe now and be relieved to learn that breast implants do not have any effect at all in terms of breastfeeding and the ability to get pregnant. Breast implants do not leak into the milk and it does not affect the hormones that are responsible for pregnancy. Breast implants are inserted inside the skin but on a different level than where the breast milk is stored.

How will my breasts feel and look?

You will probably feel a little different and a slight discomfort in the first two months post surgery. This is normal because you will be dealing with the sudden change of breast size which is something that you deal with daily.

Breast augmentation performed by a good plastic surgeon will look natural. It may take a couple of months to feel normal while the implants settle inside the skin.

If the breast implants still don’t feel normal after three to four months, you will need to visit your plastic surgeon to consult on the discomfort felt. Botched breast implants can be caused by either poor quality implants or improper installation during surgery

Is the surgery painful?

This is possibly one of the reasons why some people still have doubts in undergoing breast augmentation. The straight answer is no. Surgery is not painful because you will be under general anesthesia during the procedure. As with any other surgery, you will have pain medication after the surgery to help you recover quickly and not feel the pain after the procedure.

How much does breast augmentation cost in Singapore?

Several factors can affect the total price of a breast augmentation with Singapore-based plastic surgeons. On an average, you will need to prepare an amount of not more than SGD15,000.

Some factors that affect the price of the procedure include:

  • Doctor’s fee, including surgeon and anesthesiologist
  • Operating room and recovery room charges, including surgical equipment used
  • Medications needed post surgery for recovery and pain management
  • Breast implant costs
  • Government’s charges
  • Consultation fees before and after the procedure


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